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Image: Banners from Neosigns

Vinyl Banners are a cost-effective solution for any brand and event advertising,

Custom Vinyl Banners are ideal for outdoors. They are Waterproof and UV-Resistant, when installed correctly our PVC Vinyl Banners will last for years.

We can also do Mesh PVC banners to reduce wind-loading, as it allows air to pass through.

Our 440gsm banner is Laminated PVC, Water-resistant and weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Has a smooth printing surface.

All Banners can be finished in different ways depends on your requirements.

Hems & Eyelets

Banners will be given a welded hem, then eyeleted at equal distributions along the hem.

The standard distribution of eyelets is one per metre. If you require a different distribution or specific placement of eyelets, that’s no problem at all – simply let us know what you need when you place your order.

Hems Only

  • Banners will be given a 50mm hem.
  • Trimmed to Size
  • Banners will be cut to the size ordered.
  • Trimmed with Eyelets
  • Same as Trimmed to Size but with the addition of eyelets.

Pole Pockets

A pocket is added to the edges you require to allow a pole to pass through and support/tension the banner.
The diameter of the pocket can be specified by you, however, if you let us know the diameter of the object to go into the pole pocket we can calculate the size of the pocket for you.

Cost for Banners printing starts at £10.00 but will depend on the size of the banner.

Railing Banners

Railing banners are a great way to bring in repeat business.
Image: Railing Banners

Advertising Banners

High-quality PVC 440gsm banner material used for advertising.
Image: Advertising Banner

Railing Banners

Railing Banners are also good for advertising your business offers.
Image: Railing Banners

440gsm Advertising Banners

We give bulk order discount and are great source for new customers to your business.
Image: 440gsm advertising banners

Construction Site Banners

Display your name on projects your working on also available in mesh banner material too.
Image: Construction Site Banners

Custom Size Banners

We can custom make any size of banner you require please contact us for a quote.
Image: Custom Size Banners
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